DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit


The DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit allows you to easily make your own elderberry syrup at home. It includes all the necessary ingredients and instructions, making the process simple and convenient. This kit contains high-quality elderberries, organic ingredients, and the ability to customize the syrup to your personal preferences. The benefits of this syrup include the potential immune-boosting properties of elderberries, the convenience of making syrup at home, and the satisfaction of creating a natural remedy that your whole family can use. The unique recipe is simple, has high-quality ingredients, and you have the ability to tailor the syrup to individual needs.

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Now you can make your own elderberry syrup and modify it to fit your family’s tastes. This kit gives you everything you need to make 3 to 4 pints of your very own syrup. The instructions include ways to suit it to your tastes and contains Wild One’s own unique recipe for a delicious syrup. Ingredients: dried organic elderberries, dried organic elderflowers, dried organic rose hips, dried organic ginger, dried organic cinnamon sticks

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