Adopt-a-Goat Program

The goats enjoying an spruce tree.

Mama goat delivered quads! Baby goats (called kids) are so much fun. If you have always wanted to see how kids are raised on a small homestead, join our Adopt-a-Goat program! Watch videos of their antics, receive pictures in the mail, and watch the kids grow up. Our goats are pets that help us with fertilizer and milk. They are well loved and love to be around people.

What comes with the program?

  • A photo of your goat
  • A certificate stating your goat’s name
  • A fact sheet about goats
  • Exclusive access to weekly (sometimes daily) YouTube videos of your goats
  • Visits to hold and cuddle your kids (local only)

Are you ready to watch the kids grow? Join us here and get ready to watch the thrills of goats on a small farm!

Already a member? Click here and put in the password (in the welcome newsletter)!