Welcome to Wild Ones Homestead!

Welcome to Wild Ones Academy and Homestead, WOAH for short. We started homeschooling our boys when we found that other options weren’t working for our family.

Once we started homeschooling, we found that we loved being outside and learning about the world around us. Slowly, we started building up a homestead. We are sharing our journey with you here. Follow us as we utilize nature, grow gardens, propagate plants, learn about edible plants, become certified herbalists, and become more self sufficient on a budget. Yes, it is entirely possible to do all of these on a budget while still maintaining the beauty of the natural world!

We are so excited to have you here. When we needed a community of like-minded individuals, we started Wild Ones Academy. We truly believe that children learn best when they are given the opportunities to explore the world around them.

Would you like help planning your gardens? Fill out this form and we would love to spread the joy of growing your own food!